Modular solutions for developing and emerging countries

We are partners from the project development up to the support in the day-to-day operation.

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Infrastructure solutions for developing and emerging countries.

MMM-HCI offers comprehensive, modular infrastructure solutions with integrated health centres for primary health care (PHC), especially for developing and emerging countries. PHC can meet the majority of people’s health needs over the course of their life. A health system with a strong PHC as its core delivers better health outcomes, efficiency and improved quality of care compared to other models. There is a need for health systems with strong PHC if we are to achieve universal health coverage and the health-related Sustainable Development Goals.


  1. tailored solutions, according with the infrastructure in the respective countries
  2. comprehensive and self-consistent equipment
  3. training concepts for doctors and nurses as well as technicians
  4. maintenance and spare part concepts
  • wells for drinking water (men, lifestock, agriculture)
  • solar panels for self-sufficent electricity/lighting
  • parish hall as drop-in centre for the community
  • health centre (Health Post, BEmONC, CEmONC) for primary health care
Community Social Hub

Global Goals

for sustainable development

MMM Community social hub support the implementation for GLOBAL GOALS for sustainable development of UNITED NATIONS:

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