Supply technical & medical equipment

Medical equipment

All from one source.

Our partners are European medium-sized companies with a broad know-how.

MMM-HCI is co-ordinating the activities – from the planning phase to acquisition up to the end of the warranty period.

Building Services

We are your partner for the planning and implementation of technical equipment and machines and create tailor-made and efficient solutions.

We may as well assist you regarding adequate training for your technicians and the establishment of a reliable supply chain for spare parts.

Integration of renewable energy

Renewable energy is not limited at all or may be replenished quickly.It is available all over the world without long and expensive transport. Thus, the local economy is supported.

Our Community Social Hubs are fed with solar energy and are mostly independent from the public power grids, which are not sufficently available and/or do not steadily perform in most parts of Sub-Saharan-Africa.