MMM Healthcare international GmbH

For more than 20 years MMM Group has not only been a supplier of high quality medical devices but has also been a pioneer in offering holistic solutions to its clients far beyond the mere procurement of equipment. Based on this long-standing experience, in 2014, the handling of international turnkey projects was incorporated into MMM Healthcare International GmbH.

MMM-HCI is a professional and experienced project partner and service provider in the health sector. It focusses on modular concepts making use of prefabricated construction units. Reverting to this technology enables MMM-HCI to offer comprehensive infrastructure solutions (Community Social Hubs) with integrated health centres for developing and emerging countries. The MMM-HCI services in this area also comprise expert training, facility management concepts and provision of doctors, nurses and technicians, in order to support the day-to-day operations of such entities.

Mobile CSSD (Reprocessing Unit for Medical Devices)

Modular turnkey solutions

Considerably reduced construction time – up to 90 % of the CSSD are prefabricated. Assembly at site and commissioning is effected within a few days…

High flexibility and sustainability – buildings can be extended, raised, relocated, dismanteled or modified for other functions…

Modular solutions

for developing and emerging countries

In many countries Community Social Hubs are an adequate approach to significantly increase the quality of life for the rural population. The health centres are an integral part of the Hubs and help people on the spot.

Supply technical & medical equipment

Modern hospitals are hightech functional buildings

They have to take into account the constant change in medicine. Hospitals therefore have to meet high demands on flexibility over decades. The functionality must always remain at a high level.

With our partners, we offer you high quality solutions that are tailored to local needs and conditions.

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